Tips for Buying a Used Car

Many car shoppers look at used vehicles because it makes more financial sense. Pre-owned vehicles with low mileage, new technology, and luxury features are more popular, especially if they were purchased with a warranty. New drivers can still use the warranty and maintenance plans on more recently used cars.

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Why You Need a Dash Cam

One of the primary reasons people consider having dash cams in their vehicle is the ability to capture the events leading to an accident. Accident scenes will, on many occasions, lead to disputes and, therefore, a detailed visual account of what happens will help support your case. 

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LATCH Evaluations

If you have children, then you probably know what it is like to have to spend a lot of time trying to get a car seat into the vehicle. LATCH evaluations will allow you to see how difficult it will be for you to get a car seat into the vehicle. LATCH is also known as lower anchors and tethers for children. The ratings are given by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The vehicle will have either a good, acceptable, marginal or poor rating.

One of the most important things that you should remember about the LATCH evaluation is…

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