Find What Suits You in Our Inventory at AutoBoss Pre-Owned

No longer does Saint Clairsville, OH have to suffer from a limited selection of vehicles. When people have more choices laid out before them, the odds are high that what's picked will be cherished for a long time. It's a very important component of buying a vehicle that's used, though one routinely ignored by many auto sellers. Such businesses should always be in tune with the needs and expectations of the people they serve, so we at AutoBoss Pre-Owned take our assorted inventory very seriously.

We sell trucks, sedans, SUVs, and vehicles perfect for work and everyday activities around Bridgeport and Cambridge, OH. Something that can take you from point A to B is no longer an option. You deserve more, and you'll get it after showing you the models we offer for sale. Read on to see which of these benefits meet or surpass your expectations. Within them are manufacturers of all names, a few of which might take you by surprise.

Why Choose a Sedan?

The mere mention of a sedan brings up images of a standard vehicle, the kind that's familiar to most commuters. There are reasons why sedans are universally driven everywhere there are vehicles. Their height is ideal for most. Tall and short drivers alike can adapt to their position, with fewer adjustments made to the driver's seat to feel comfortable. Our Toyota Corollas and Avalons are primary examples of this advantage. So are the Dodge Charger and opulent Chrysler 300.

These are a fraction of the sedans we can show you. You may like the 3 Series from BMW or Cadillac CT4, exquisite models with prominent safety records and slow depreciation. Safety might be the sedan's predominant advantage, with its center of gravity resting just above the ground. It decreases the risk of rollovers and can improve reaction time.

SUV Benefits

A used Lincoln Navigator is luxury personified, packed with features to help drivers stay focused and keep everyone else comfortable. It and the other SUVs that we sell have conveniences that stand out. Suggested for taller-than-average drivers, SUVs have more interior space than sedans.

Do you have a large family or travel with more than four passengers? Most full-sized SUVs will seat seven passengers, with room to spare for a booster seat. Smaller SUVs like the Hyundai Santa Fe and Chevy Equinox hold five passengers' harbor body styles more condensed in shape. These represent some of the numerous SUVs that could be your next used vehicle purchase.

What You'll Get with a Crossover

The increase in sales of crossovers is from their having a mix of advantages seen in multiple vehicle styles, including sedans and SUVs. Some crossovers are hatchbacks, and others are sold as compact SUVs. All have impressive agility and good seating height. The body isn't wide, but the overall height is like a sedan. The Lexus UX and Buick Enclave are SUV crossovers with voluminous space for passengers in the back. These crossovers are pre-owned and can be yours.

A Wide Choice of Selections

We also keep pickup trucks like Ford F150s and Rams in stock. Or look into our smallest variety of compacts like the Subaru Impreza and Volkswagen Jetta. Our inventory is expanded and upgraded with more pre-owned additions all the time.

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When you come by AutoBoss Pre-Owned to shop for a vehicle, there won't be limitations. You'll see the models you prefer in trims that no one else carries. What's named is what you'll find and can buy. Head down to Saint Clairsville, near Wheeling, WV and Triadelphia, WV to get the best-used vehicles around.